iHuman Guideline for Children’s Privacy Protection

Effective date: April 30, 2020

iHuman (hereinafter referred to as “We”, “Our” or “Us”) respects and protects the children’s personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Children” or “Child” which refers to minors under Your Guardianship who is under the age of 14 or otherwise provided by the Applicable Laws in your jurisdiction, for instance, in the U.S.A, under the age of 13; the EU, under the age of 16 unless otherwise provided by EU member states). We recommend that guardian (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Your”) should educate and guide Your Child about personal information protection.

Capitalised terms used in this iHuman Guideline for Children’s Privacy Protection (hereinafter referred to as this“Guideline”) have the same meanings given in the iHuman User Service Agreement and then iHuman Privacy Policy, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

We provide Products and/or Services of iHuman Children Apps, and collect, use, store, and share Your Child’s personal information with Your consent and in accordance with the Applicable Laws.

You have the right to access, review, correct or modify, delete Your Child’s personal information, to delete Your account as well as any other rights in accordance with the Applicable Laws in Your jurisdiction. You are also allowed to change the scope of Your authorization and revoke Your consent, and meanwhile you also have the right to submit comments, requests, or complaints as well as any other rights in accordance with the Applicable Laws in Your jurisdiction. We are legally required to respond to you. You can go to the “Legal Terms and Privacy Center” according to the Operating Instructions, to learn how you can manage Your and/or Your Child’s personal information.

We take Your and/or Your Child’s privacy very seriously and have adopted safety technical measures, corporate structure and management system conforming to industry standards, and other multi-level protection measures to prevent Your Child’s personal information from being disclosed, damaged, misused, unauthorized accessed, unauthorized disclosed or altered.

This Guideline (an integral part of the iHuman Privacy Policy) and the iHuman Privacy Policy, together constitute Our rules for the protection of personal information of the Children. Please read the iHuman Privacy Policy and this Guideline completely.

You are recommended to review Your current settings once again to ensure that you are fully aware of Your privacy settings. We have also appointed Children’s Personal Information Protection Officer. If you have any questions about Your Child’s personal information, or if you want to ask for Our support, please contact Us at kids_privacy @iHuman.com.