iHuman Classroom

20 years' experience——Supporting development and growth
High-quality courses——Streamlining quality teaching
Effective teaching service——Bridging home and school education

iHuman Classroom is a comprehensive educational product designed for children. The app offers high-quality courses for children and teaching material for parents. All content is developed through close cooperation with parents, teachers, and teaching institutions.


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Learning made simple and fun

iHuman Classroom covers educational institution-based courses including English, reading, math, Sinology, and music. Wide-ranging content encourages children to expand their knowledge, experience the fun of learning, and develop positive learning habits. Throughout the app, users can play games, complete dubbing activities, receive pronunciation feedback, read picture books, and watch videos and animations. All this offers a more efficient learning experience and meaningful growth for curious young minds.

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

  • English、reading、math、Sinologyand music

  • Easy to follow;preview、review、assess

  • Interactive、pronunciation evaluation and original characters

  • Guidance、assistance and encouragement

  • Rich learning materials for both children and parents

  • 20 years'experience、research-based development


2019 Top 10 Student Satisfaction Brand
2018 iHuman Kindergarten awarded as China's Influential Children's Education Institution
2010 China's Top 10 Influential Children's Education Brand
2009 China's Top 10 Children's Education Institution
2008 Hello Teddy awarded as China's Excellent Publication
2008 Project won the top prize of Chinese Education Society 11th Five-Year Plan Award