iHuman Stories

The best collection of bedtime stories for children

In this audiobook app for children, you will find a selection of 30,000 classic and popular stories from around the world. Stories are written for children of different ages, preferences, and needs. They are not only fun but also helpful for cognitive development, character building, cultivating positive habits, emotion management, and social emotional development. Let iHuman Stories be a part of your child's growth!


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Originally Created for Children

  • Theatrical

    rich visual effects and voice performances for young users

  • Featured characters

    a wide variety of voice actors bringing stories to life

  • Listen and learn

    teaching kids about math, science, social studies, and emotion management

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

  • distinct voices from an ensemble cast of characters

  • stories and dialogues narrated in both Chinese and English

  • Gain knowledge of Science, History, Mathematics, and Humanities

  • Find the stories that are suitable for you

  • Massive selection of stories for bedtime, waking-up, and travel

  • a new interactive reading experience shared between family members


Apple App Store's Recommended Apps of 2018
OPPO App Market Choice Award 2018