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As a leading education content development company, iHuman has helped more than 20 million children learn Chinese. Study the most basic characters with ease and fun. iHuman Chinese is the best App to begin your Chinese learning journey.


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Learn Chinese characters with ease

Hundreds of Interactive Games

Establish a clear understanding of a character's origin, form, and meaning

Original Leveled Books

Stories are written with newly learned characters for step-by-step reading progression

Proven Curriculum

Learn new characters with an age-appropriate four-step learning system play > study > drill > write

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

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User reviews

  • Very cool App for kids

    Never thought I could enjoy the same App with my toddler son. But this is it. I have no recollection of Chinese character drills being fun. Turns out they can be and kids will absolutely love this. Also, if you don't speak Chinese at all you won't have much problem with this App. The tutorial and interface are both in English. Overall it's a great App.

  • Learning Chinese can be fun and simple

    My four-year-old son loves this App! He can remember a couple of Chinese characters each time and enjoys the games while he learns. There is also a picture book mode to review the characters learned, which adds more fun. It's hard to learn Chinese, but this App makes it fun and simple. This English version is easy to navigate even for a true starter.

  • Helpful App to learn Chinese for young learners

    This App is using very creative and fun stories to help kids learn Chinese characters! It's really helpful and I believe my kids will love it! Meanwhile, the character selection is right on level for young learners or beginners starting to learn Chinese. If your child is going to learn Chinese, this will be a perfect App!