iHuman Magic Math

Introducing mathematical thinking to young children

Partner up with your in-game companion and embark on an adventure that will help you visualize and master abstract mathematical thinking! The learning system is designed in accordance with principles of cognitive development of children aged 3–8, providing a clear path of progression. You will find yourself in a fun, engaging, and magical learning experience that incorporates interactive lessons, learning games, and regular assessment and feedback, all in one place.


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Your best companion to the world of math

The Wizard's Workshop

The Wizard's Workshop is a virtual math classroom. Class content is developed by experienced teachers and education experts. Lessons are organized and presented in tiers that address the different cognitive needs of children aged 3-8. Children will take a journey with Math in which they learn from their digital learning partners, animated lessons, and gamified problem sets. It will not only jumpstart their interest in math but also help them better understand the subject.

The Learning System

Course content covers four key areas of introductory mathematics: numbers and quantity, arithmetic, geometry and space, and mathematical thinking, which aligns with China's public school standards. Learners can choose from the age-based Foundation mode and the topic-based Exploration mode. It allows learners to access math in ways that suit them best and develop a structure for mathematical learning. As new updates get released, new topics and content will be added to the course structure at no additional cost.

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

  • Quantity, arithmetic, geometry, and mathematical thinking A comprehensive curriculum for beginners

  • Over 100 interactive lessons and guided exploration Companionship and enjoyment that stimulate lasting interest

  • Progressive lesson plans and a full cycle of learning, practice, and assessment Systematic improvement in mathematical thinking

  • Learning goals designed in accordance with national standards Geared towards school readiness and transition

  • Timely performance assessment and study report Accessible and easy-to-read learning outcomes

  • Deeply understand math through familiar daily life scenarios

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User reviews

  • Honors

    Apple App Store's Recommended Apps of 2018
    OPPO App Market Choice Award 2018

  • Very good. Fun learning experience.

    Learning math while playing games. I tried it myself and absolutely loved it. Kids will love it more. And the eye-saver mode is such thoughtful design!

  • Great math learning app. My child loves it.

    The graphics are gorgeous. Top-notch interface! The Wizard's Workshop has so much content that is organized so well, definitely better than what I can possibly do haha! The practice games are fun and make math learning come easy. That's great for preschoolers. The kids really like it. Wonderful product to introduce them to math!

  • What a surprise! Fun learning product!

    My first app review. I'm just surprised to find such a delicately designed app. Excellent product all around, from the way learning goals are embedded in the product features to the game design and graphic design. Everything impresses me as being professional. The care and devotion really show. I hope iHuman develops more apps for young learners!