iHuman Magic Math

Introducing mathematical thinking to young children

Jump into a fun and interactive math learning adventure that will help your child visualize and master abstract mathematical thinking. Our age-based curriculum is designed for children. Start with simple skills and grow into more challenging mathematical concepts, creating a solid foundation for all future math learning. We combine play, study, tests, and usage to create a complete and closed learning loop. Animated explanations, live-action videos, and fun interactions let your child master mathematics easily and efficiently.


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Your best companion to the world of math

  • Migic Math Class

    The class content is developed by experienced teachers and education experts. Children will take a Math journey in which they learn from their digital learning partners, animated lessons, and gamified problem sets. It will not only jumpstart their interest in math but also help them better understand the subject.

  • The Learning System

    Learners can choose from the age-based Foundation mode and the topic-based Exploration mode. It allows learners to access math in ways that suit them best and develop a structure for mathematical learning.

  • Daily Life Math

    Live teaching videos show how math is used in real-life scenarios, teaching children how to apply what they have learned.

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

  • Play, study, practice,
    and apply new math skills

  • Learn useful math for
    daily life

  • Interact with over 100
    entertaining lessons

  • Study quantity, calculations, shapes,
    and much more

  • Meet your needs with
    age-based courses

  • Stay informed with clear
    progress reports


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