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  • iHuman Inc. is committed to becoming the world’s leading childhood edutainment company, focusing on transforming learning into a fun journey for every child. Benefiting from strong foundations in education research, outstanding product expertise, and cutting-edge technologies, iHuman provides children with interactive, entertaining, and proven growth experiences. The Company's comprehensive suite of innovative, high-quality products and services, such as interactive self-directed learning apps, learning materials, and smart devices, all cater to the educational needs of children at school and at home, both online and offline.

    iHuman’s current products include iHuman Shizi, iHuman Pinyin, iHuman ABC, iHuman Magic Minds, iHuman Readers, and courses that explore music and dance, literacy and reading, logic and critical thinking, STEM, Chinese culture, and other subjects. With solid pedagogy, a deep understanding of children's education and psychology, as well as advanced technology capabilities in 3D engines, edutainment technologies, AI/AR technologies, and big data analysis, iHuman will continue to provide learning experiences that are both educational and fun for children all over the world through its integrated suite of childhood edutainment products and services.


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