iHuman Pinyin

Let children have fun with Pinyin

iHuman Pinyin is where your young children can learn all 63 Pinyin elements and their 401 combinations within 100 interactive scenarios. To make learning fun and effective, every Pinyin element comes with an original song and a learning cycle of play, recognize, read, speak, spell, practice, write, and assess. This process helps children better recognize, understand, and use Pinyin while learning to read and speak Chinese. Voice recognition systems encourage children to develop their pronunciation and speak Chinese freely.


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Learning with Fun

iHuman Pinyin is a fun and engaging introduction to the Chinese Pinyin system that makes the transition to elementary school smooth and easy. This is made possible by the standards-based curriculum and hundreds of interactive activities.

Memory Association

Learners can easily understand and remember the phonetic notations of Chinese characters by associating them with tailor-made nursery rhymes and illustrations. They will also be able to learn the correct pronunciation with the help of the state-of-the-art voice recognition features and a built in Pinyin dictionary.

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

  • An inclusive collection of the 63 pinyin elements and all of their common combinations

  • Content aligned with the Chinese school curriculum and taught in 8 unique, efficient steps

  • 100+ interactive scenarios and 10 themes for learning Chinese phonology with fun

  • One catchy and original song for every Pinyin element, helping children effectively distinguish Pinyin from English

  • Industry-leading voice evaluation technology helps children speak Chinese with confidence

  • Assemble an original collection of 3D dinosaur characters by finishing learning activities

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User reviews

  • Long-time iHuman user. A pinyin app at last!

    I have used iHuman Chinese for 2 years, and I have longed for a pinyin app. It's great to have it before my child goes to elementary school. The new app is up to the same standard I'm used to. I can teach my child a little bit of English pronunciation, but my memories of pinyin are long gone. So I'm very pleased to not have to worry about it now. The pronunciation evaluation feature is new and extremely helpful. I feel my child reads pinyin better than I do now.

  • Splendid! Great help for parents!

    iHuman pinyin has finally come! We have been using iHuman Chinese, and my child now reads more than 1,000 characters. iHuman pinyin comes at a perfect time, right before school starts. My work doesn't leave me much time for tutoring, and it's great for parents like me to have an app where kids can learn pinyin without much help. The dinosaur collection is also very nice. My child loves to count his stash every day as he keeps getting new ones!

  • Very effective app

    Very interesting app overall. The speech recognition system is very handy. It helps kids compare what they say with the correct version. The interactive games are set in a variety of thematic scenarios. Kids love them, which enables them to learn and play at the same time. The pinyin songs in the app are very catchy, and kids pick them up real quick. I think it's a wonderful and creative idea. Keep up the good work!