iHuman English World

Immersive English Courses for Young Children

Jointly created by a team of English language learning (ELL) experts and game developers, iHuman English World is a complete 3D interactive English learning app that makes second language learning fun. Its curriculum is designed in line with the cognitive developmental stages of children aged 3-12, as well as learning goals defined by ELL standards adopted in the U.S., Europe, and Chinese primary schools. Learners will find themselves immersed in an English-speaking world and making meaningful progress via a learning cycle of "recognize, listen, say, read, write, assess, and review."


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Learn English naturally. Learn English joyfully.

Interactive 3D Scenarios

800 learning scenarios that include engaging interactive activities and games that make English learning fun

Rich Content

100 units, 21 thematic real-life settings, 300 key words, 100 key sentence structures, 50 leveled picture books, and 100 original songs

Multidimensional Learning Experience

Main Features of the App

  • leveled content developed based on ELL standards in the U.S., Europe, and China

  • step-by-step curriculum of 100 units that align with developmental stages from age 3 to 12

  • a full 6-step learning cycle and 5 different teaching methods to maximize both fun and effect

  • 800 unique and interactive 3D learning scenarios to create an immersive learning environment

  • 21 real-world scenarios for learning meaningful English expressions

  • Learning to speak with confidence by talking to friends in Dialogue City with the help of voice recognition

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User reviews

  • Great app. My son loves it.

    I feel grateful for iHuman English World because it totally saved my life. My son won't stop asking me to teach him English, but my English isn't great. Now I can let the app take over because it has everything: vocabulary, sentences, songs, and dialogues. Now I can have some free time to do my own things. And lately I notice my son sometimes names things in English when he sees them. That's great progress. Good job to you all and hope you continue to get better!

  • Very good app. Makes English a lot easier.

    My children have always been fans of the iHuman apps, from iHuman Magic Math and iHuman Chinese to English World. The English app is all in 3D, which is pretty unique for an app like this. There's so much content so the kids stay focused for a long time each day. Both of them get involved in their own way. The interactive design is a lot of fun, and it looks like the kids really benefit from it and learn new words well. Learning English never looked so easy. Very helpful app!

  • Even grandma learned an English song

    The illustrated stories in the app have great pictures and characters and are easy to read. My girl has a lot of fun with them. Words are taught through listening and speaking games, where you can hear every word many times, and surprisingly it's not boring at all. It helps kids pick up new words quickly and learn how to pronounce them with ease. And one more thing: the English songs are amazing! Even my mom started to sing along at times.