iHuman English World
Bringing innovating AR speaking activities and real-life native speakers to your device.

Online Products

Our Apps

Inspiring educational apps that make learning and growing a joyful experience.

Offline Products

Products and Courses

Award-winning educational products, digital content, and courses for use at home or in school.

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Homes and Schools

Our comprehensive suite of products and services provides educational and entertaining experiences for children at various stages of development. With 20 years of experience in education — we are a name you can trust.


Inspiring educational apps,
physical support materials
— for use alongside apps,
and physical and digital
picture books.


Industry-leading courses,
learning materials, and products
combine to provide school
experiences that are rich
and rewarding.

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Interactive and Innovative


We understand young learners.
Our products are designed with
thousands of unique ways to
interact which makes learning a
hands-on and immersive

  • Unique interaction design

  • Beloved cartoon characters

  • Immersive 3D environments

  • Interactive reading activities


Infused with cutting-edge
technology. Our products are full
of new and innovative experiences
that keep young learners engaged
and motivated.

  • AI voice evaluation

  • Captivating AR games

  • Data-driven learning settings

  • Patent protected products